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As Seen on "The Doctors", "The Rachel Ray Show" and Nickelodeon's Game Show "Figure It Out!"
  • Painless removal of bandages
  • Take the ouch out of bandage removal
  • Easy bandage release from cuts and scrapes
  • A must for every first aid kit
Mother putting on Bandage

I never liked the pain I felt when removing bandages used for minor scrapes and scratches. Because of this, I decided to invent something for kids that their parents and doctors could use to remove the bandages without causing pain, fear and crying.

I began experimenting with combinations of ingredients until I came up with something that worked! The first time it didn't work and after a couple more tries, it took the bandage off! Since it worked and for a fun project, my parents helped me put it in bottles and make labels that were both environmentally friendly. Then, I gave it to a couple of kids in my class and then all of the kids in my class wanted it. Some even asked for more after they finished it. Then we found a lab that uses organic ingredients and could make it into a sellable product.

Elderly Woman and Nurse

It takes only a few minutes, and is quick and easy to use. You can even leave it on the bandage/skin while doing other things! To remove a standard bandage painlessly, shake the bottle well and then squeeze the liquid onto a cotton ball or tissue and apply generously to the entire adhesive part of the bandage. Continue application until the bandage lifts off with ease. *Do not apply to the wound.

My product is made by a professional laboratory and contains organic and natural ingredients.

"I thought your bandage remover worked great and people will love it. Whenever I have a bandage, I think 'Alanna's Bandage Remover.' Thank you for making such a great product." C.C.

My Pain Free Bandage Remover is good for all ages but especially children and elderly people as they have more sensitive skin. This would be a great product for Pediatricians, school nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and anywhere that bandages are sold.

is currently sold only in the USA.
You can find at Richard's Foodporium in Dunedin, Florida.

For more information about my product, , email us at or call 1-727-798-3719.

*Formulations include raw materials that are kosher, vegan, and/or biodegradable. No animal testing is ever done or supported by the lab used to create my product.

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